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This page should contain information about contribution limits and any legal requirements or special instructions specific to your election, as well as your mailing address for contributions by check. You can edit this page by going to the "Pages" section in the control panel and clicking the "Edit" link next to "Contribute".

Thank you for your Aloha financial contribution!

As a Non-Partisan candidate, I am not accepting any BIG Money from Unions, Corporations, etc.  Because I have agreed with the Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission to not spend more than $34,378 on my Campaign ( per election ), I am at somewhat of a disadvantage.

Signs, Brochures, Website Subscription, Office Supplies, Sundries, Ground Transportation, are most of the anticipated Campaign expenses that I expect... so things like Campaign T-shirts are most unlikely.


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ps. fyi, $4,000 "aggregate" is the maximum contribution I am allowed to accept

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